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Triangles Of Force Underlie Disease

Triangles Of Force Underlie Disease

The idea explored in my medical astrology book, is that triangles of force underlie disease.


This is based on a quote from Djwhal Khul who said “The triangle is the basic geometric form of all manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of a solar system, the zodiacal round, the cosmic triplicities or man.” This also naturally relates to DISEASE.


This does not mean every triangle in the chart indicates a health problem. Grand Trines with beneficial energy flow assists vitality and good health. However, health breaks down at some stage in the life, even if right at the end of life.

Then, research has shown that the disease can be found in the chart – at least 3 planets, each representing (1) The cause, (2) The organ or body part involved, and (3) The disease itself and its effects on the body. Note that the ‘cause’ comes first. In Esoteric Healing, most causes of individual health problems are due to our own psychology, the directing engine for the forces in the body.

Wrong-thinking equals health problems. 90% diseases are due to repressed or too-volatile emotions. The triangles to watch are those that connect with the 6H (or12th). Those containing squares and oppositions indicate blockages and disruptions of energy flow in the body – the cause of disease. // The healing goal is to free blocked (emotional) energy flow. Work out the psychological message of a health pattern and learn to express the energies in a healthier way.

Example: h. PANIC-ATTACK – AGORAPHOBIA. A panic attack is a sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety. Accompanying physical symptoms are sweating and a racing heart.

Susan, 44645 (13 December 1958, 23:05, Scunthorpe UK) British woman who has panic attacks that last for minutes. After an attack, she is afraid to go out for several days. Her symptoms began after her son was born and she suffered post-partum depression. By 1996, her attacks became too overwhelming for her to handle even with medication.
  • Cause: emotional. Susan disconnects from her emotions, from her deeper feelings (Moon in Aquarius square Neptune), and trauma (inconjunct Pluto in the 12H of self-undoing). This means she drags these unresolved emotions around like baggage. It is possible that her pregnancy triggered a past life memory of pain and suffering connected with childbirth (the Moon is in the 5H of children, inconjunct Pluto), hence her reaction.
  • Organ: solar plexus – emotions, the Moon.
  • Effect: panic attack. Until Susan gets in touch with her deeper feelings and heals them she will continue to suffer from panic attacks.
(C) Moon, Neptune, Pluto. (O) Moon. (E) Pluto.
During 1994 and 1995, solar-arc Neptune was passing over natal Mercury at 12 Sagittarius. This indicates the power of the astral nature over the mind, clouding rationality and enhancing emotionalism.
Solar-arc Pluto had reached 10 Libra, conjunct the progressed ascendant at 11 Libra, and for a few years they traveled forward together. This added serious paranoia to her perception and accentuated her belief she was in serious physical and psychological danger.
By 2002 as solar-arc Pluto moved away from the progressed ascendant, things should have started to improve, her perceptions of life had a chance to stabilise. (Medical Astrology, p176)
Triangles Of Force Underlie Disease

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