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Relationship Astrology : An Introduction To Synastry


Welcome To Relationship Astrology

As a practicing astrology reader, you’ll find that many your readings involve questions about love.

When will I find love? Why do relationships slip between my fingers? Why do I keep attracting the same kinds of people? Is this person the one?

Not only does Astrology adapt to accommodate deeper understanding of relationships – it excels. Synastry is Relationship Astrology – it’s built for two and it introduces the biwheel chart – a chart comparison system that simplifies comparing and analyzing two charts.

In this course you’ll develop the skills that allow you to compare two charts for romantic compatibility. Is this a match that will stand the test of time or does it come with a use by date? Where will your strengths merge? What are you most likely to fight over? Are the signs of loyalty there?

And what will you bring to the table? Do you find yourself attracting the same toxic types? Maybe that person is good for you but are you good for them? Are you ready for love? Synastry also offers you an opportunity to apply a forensic eye to the way you love and the people you attract.

Synastry will help you read the lay of the land between romantic partners and will prove a valuable addition to your Astrology tool set.

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AUG 2022


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