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Astrology Facebook page I’m on just archived itself – the admins have been overwhelmed with #BLM posts and it’s gotten so out of control that they’ve obviously invoked the riot act and shut shop. The page was always a little fast and dirty when it came to content and posts but it happened right when I was making a comment on someone’s clearly outrageous statement about Pluto being kinder than Saturn and dignity demanded a response. And in a way it confronted the intellectualizing I’ve been doing about the impact of the riots on local businesses. But I really don’t want to go down that rabbit hole with you.
At the start of the year, Saturn and Pluto went conjunct and it laid the stage for some big political events in 2020 – especially in terms of consolidation and exercises of power. Those stuffy old institutions have come out of the shadows to play hardball and there have been loud, angry, self-important voices ringing out on the global stage since this trade war began and before Twitter started fact-checking it’s tweets.
But then the retrogrades started kicking in and suddenly everything starts playing out like it’s scripted somehow in it’s perfection. I’ve seen someone describe 2020 as a movie written by Stephen King and directed by Tarantino and my word it’s the truth but it feels more like a series with a new, more explosive, cliff-hangy episode every month. And every episode has brought the fire and the rage closer to home.
We watched Covid19 probably longer than we should have because before we know it it was right here on our doorstep as we quarantine on our sofas watching Tiger King.
Then the retrogrades started kicking in. The really big retrogrades that demand we take a good, hard look at ourselves and confront those serious matters that define us as a people. Retrogrades that started switching the power from the start of 2020 off. Covid demanded we confront how we interrelate with one another but George Floyd has forced us to take a good hard look at ourselves. At what we believe and what we stand for.
Many haven’t liked that. Racism – institutional racism is a touchy topic and almost impossible to discuss without name calling. Even discussing his death is emotional so I won’t. I’ll respect your democratic right to feel the way you decide to feel about that. But we can both agree the USA looks like it’s on the brink of exploding as the retrogrades smother that plutocratic, capricious energy that dominated the global stage at the start of the year, making room for angrier, more rebellious energy.
Uranus goes retrograde in August, which suggests that this pressure cooker we’re in right now is going to start releasing steam. It promises a cooling down and some reflection. It promises peace. But that’s almost 3 months away and in this particular year that’s at least 3 seasons of Game Of Thrones. The really bloody middle ones more than the disappointing end ones.
It’s a peace that worries me because it will either be the calm before the storm or the silence after the fact. It worries me but like a train wreck I can’t look away. I feel like I want things to return to normal but I almost can’t remember what that feels like. And what kind of peace are we talking about? Who backs down or gets broken down?
Those little specks at the bottom of the screen you suddenly realize are people – I feel like one of them lately as you watch Godzilla and King Ghidorah level Tokyo. I’m over it – and I can’t wait for that 2020 astrological wrecking ball to be done with me too.

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