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Go Viral Or Go Home

Go viral as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces today.

If posting, podcasting, broadcasting, blogging, vlogging or copying and pasting is part of your strategy then your copy writing skills may feel especially on point today. Look for potential growth areas and write. If paid advertising is part of your marketing plan then shake up that existing ad and connect with the creative flow.

If you’ve thought about opening up new markets or starting a new campaign then this is also the time as your potential reach is at a peak. It’s particularly auspicious energy for artists, musicians and other creators.

Whether it’s public speaking, video or phone marketing, training, teaching or sales the air is thick with growth opportunities that can be tapped into with the written word or the human voice.

Don’t be slow off the mark – other aspects are on the way that will allow you to fortify results.

the big 3

One of the first questions an astrologer will ask you is “what are your big 3?”. Go beyond just knowing your star sign and discover yourself the way the stars see you.

From signs to houses. From planets to aspects. This course lays down the fundamentals of western astrology and will teach you how to make a basic natal chart interpretation.

advanced astrology

This course builds directly onto the Intro To Astrology course and introduces new content such as asteroids, hemispheres, calculated points and much more.


The astrology of relationships, Synastry introduces the BiWheel chart and teaches you how to gauge romantic copatibility from an Astrology point of view.

predictive astrology

Learn about transits and progressions – the fundamentals of predictive astrology.

This course is currently under development.

soul centered astrology

Rencarnation, spiritual purpose and karma – how do they fit into an Astrology framework?

This course is currently under development.

AUG 2022



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