Sun In Gemini

Sun In Gemini : The unrepentant Gemini personality responds to the note, “Let instability do its work,” by clothing itself with a layer of unstable mental essence. It is dual-natured, sometimes it seems that two entities live in the same body, both of whom want to have different experiences.
Lacking integration, the ego is too fluid and changeable. Drifting with the ebb and flow of life it is easily distracted, tricky and plays games.
Gradually the mind steadies, enabling the personality to coordinate its efforts until finally the clever, integrated and self-interested personality emerges. The appearance of the personality marks the completion of the first major stage in evolutionary development.
Soul purification of the personality via Venus. The transforming formula is, “I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.” A lighted, self-aware consciousness is required, which expresses intelligent love.
To achieve this, the mind must be lifted into the aura and wisdom of the soul. Then from that elevated level, the ego is observed and corrected. This will beautify consciousness, causing it to glow and grow.
To assist, Venus brings the personality under the influence of the orange ray of “concrete mind and science.” This emphasises the importance of mind development practices such as Raja Yoga. Intelligent love should be expressed to beautify all relationships, but especially in houses in which the Sun and Mercury are located.
Success in this work develops an intelligent, elegant and very eloquent Gemini personality for the soul to use. With enhanced communication skills and a spontaneous desire to serve, it is a very effective distributor of love and wisdom into the environment.
Spiritually illumined personality via The Earth. Advanced souls assume Gemini personalities, to communicate messages of wisdom that all people in the world can resonate to. President John Kennedy had this magic. There were many things he said that inspired people.
His statement, “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” continues to have a powerful impact on people.
Hodgson, Astrology of Spirit, Soul an Body, 108.
sun in gemini

Triangles Of Force Underlie Disease

The idea explored in my medical asttrology book, is that triangles of force underlie disease. This does not mean every triangle in the chart indicates a health problem. Grand Trines with beneficial energy flow assists vitality and good health. However, health breaks down at some stage in the life, even if right at the end of life.

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Nodes In Astrology

The nodes in astrology are the two orbital points the moon occupies as it orbits the Earth. There is a North node, which tracks the moon as it moves to it’s peak in the Northern hemisphere and we call this the North or Ascending node. The Southern node tracks the peak of the moon’s orbit in the southern hemisphere.

As a result, the nodes occupy opposing signs on the chart so if your north node is in Leo, your southern node will fall in Aquarius.

These extreme points are where the full moon eclipses occur and the solar eclipse when the moon is new.

In soul centered astrology the North node reflects the spiritual purpose of the current life – the lessons we’ve come here to learn.

The nodes move between signs every 18 months and people born within the same lunar node group can feel like ‘your people’. If you have a child when aged 18-19 or 36-37, your child will have the same nodes as you while a partner who ten years older or younger than you will have opposing nodes. And this can be a good thing, giving a sense of completeness when your energies combine.

The kabbalah and Vedic astrology also recognize the nodes. The kabbalah calls the north node tikkun which translates to correction to recognize the adjustments your soul wants you to make in the current incarnation. Vedic astrology calls the north node Rahu – the head, and Ketu – the tail, which make up the extreme points of the dragon and these reflect the karmic extremes of the present life.

South Node

The south node represents the karma we’ve brought into this life from past lives. It can reflect the edges of our comfort zone and the habits we retreat into when life becomes challenging. There’s also a sense of deja vu to be found in the south node. Things we inexplicably know or people who seem so familiar to us even though we’re only meeting them for the first time.

It’s also been there done that energy and represents previous life experiences that have run their course. They benefit us in that they provide experience and skills, but the lessons associated with this energy have run their course and it’s time to move on.

The sign that the south node is in tells us volumes about who we might have been in a past life – with emphasis on wrongs we may have committed or negative traits we may have indulged. We look at the negatives of the sign to find clues about the karma we may have carried into this life – that Leonine ego, that Taurean hedonism or that unbridled Capricornian ruthlessness and for many of us this energy is in stark contrast to the energy we express now. For others however, it may still be a prison in which the soul dwells. In this life, we’re invited to refine the higher qualities of the sign and to let those negatives go.

The fears or insecurities of the sign the south node is in can also play out. Fears of inadequacy, of losing control or intimacy can manifest if these are the fears of the sign that the south node carries in it’s astrological DNA.

North Node

The north node is the call of the unknown. It embraces the subconscious part of ourselves that knows what we need or who we want to be. Careers that imbue us with a sense of purpose or that feeling that the pieces are all coming together – this is north node energy. It’s not always the easy path. If you began study at University in a topic you’ve always found easy, only to change your major a year later to something you find more fulfilling, you may be responding too the draw of your north node. Once we begin to align with the north node, life often begins to feel more meaningful and things often seem to become smoother and easier.

The North node is equal parts challenge and growth and often plays out in that order. We accept and complete the challenges of the sign the north node is in and we grow. But note that we’re talking about the higher energies of the sign. More money in the bank or a well executed hostile takeover for a Capricornian North Node may miss the mark and could infect become the ketu – or karmic lesson to be worked out in the next life.

For Aries, the lesson may be learning to fight for others rather than against them – to channel that dynamic energy to manifest and support rather than to lay siege or obliterate. For Cancer it may be finding balance between the pull of family and the realization of personal goals.

Note that North node energy can also be a powerful antidote for a challenging south node. The balancing and harmonizing energy of a Libra North node can dissolve the self-centric energy of an unrepentant Aries south node. Higher learning and travel experiences cultivated by a Sagittarian north node can expand and challenge the know it all energy of a south node Gemini.

We tend to become more aware of the pull of our north node in our late twenties or early thirties and for many this is the time in our lives when we begin to truly share our lives with others. Committed relationships, children or even commitments like mortgages or careers become focal points in our lives and we begin to invest our energy into plans or commitments that take time and steadiness to manifest.

This post is an excerpt from the course Advanced Astrology.


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“Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream
Stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream
Make a bad one good, make a wrong right
Power of love will keep you home at night”

Huey Lewis And The News – The Power Of Love


The goddess Venus in Mythology is a paradox. Often depicted as lazy and indulgent she seems a slave to pleasure, yet when properly motivated she is a force to be reckoned with and in Virgil’s book the Aeneid her ability to wield love and mold perception leads to the besting of the Goddess Hera and the founding of Rome. And this paradox describes the heart perfectly. Filled with hope and easily pleased, the heart can satisfy itself with whatever low hanging fruit life may offer.

But a motivated heart can be a hunter, a warrior and a monster – for others and for the person carrying it. It can be hopelessly naive and inscrutably wise and in many respects Venus can seem similar to the Moon in the way it expresses itself. But the difference is that while the Moon may not discriminate, the Goddess Venus concerns herself only with love.

The moon talks about our own feelings when we look at relationship Astrology while Venus is how we build bridges and connect with a love interest or partner. It encompasses our ideas and values surrounding love and paints a picture of how we believe other people fit into our lives romantically. How we give love and how we expect love to work, Venus – based on the sign and house it’s in will tell us everything we need to know – for us – and for our partners.


Venus in a fire sign is unafraid to hunt for or express love. They thrive on public displays of attention and they enjoy the feedback they see in the eyes of those watching. Venus in a fire sign is warm, expansive and seems big and even dramatic at times. Power can also be an element for a Fire Venus – whether it’s the power to win, the power to control or the power to do what they want. But songs that speak of the power or the glory of love are talking about Fire love, as well as the lyrics “once burned, twice shy”.

The physical pleasures are the domain of an earth Venus and physical expressions of love are her tools. They are slower to love and the machine of an earth Venus may take more work to start – but once it comes to life it steadily picks up power and speed. The love of good food, of lingering touch, of slow but indulgent sex and gifts of a practical or indulgent nature are how an earth Venus will show you love and they show their interest with their eyes and their fingers. Whether it’s chocolate cake or folded laundry, you’ll always be surrounded by the evidence of earth love.

Intelligent, articulate and engaging – air Venus seems to be made out of electricity. They’re also often aloof so getting their attention – and keeping it, is half the battle. There’s a relaxation in the way they love and sometimes it’s difficult to tell when the borders shift from love to friendship – so much so that it can make you wonder if there’s something wrong with the way you love them and not the other way around. If you need constant demonstrations of affection and proof of love then an air Venus is definitely not for you.

Subtle, incredibly receptive and so finely tuned to your every breath and emotion, the love of a water Venus can be so intimate and refined that it can be dizzying. Love is expressed with a sensitivity and connections happen on a deep and very personal level and as such, trust is often very important to a water Venus. So much is given of themselves in the act of love and they expect an equal measure in return. Betrayal and harsh words or actions can be devastating and as such they can be demanding and frequently need proof of love.

This post is an excerpt from the course Synastry – An Introduction To Relationship Astrology


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Modality In Astrology

Modality In Astrology describes the way the energy of a sign moves.

By understanding a sign’s modality you get a clear picture on how a sign will express itself, how they will chase their goals or dreams, how they will interact with others and how they will meet challenges and obstacles as they move through life.

There are three modalities in astrology and every element will have a sign that responds to the energy of each modality.


Cardinal signs take life head on. They often know what they want and believe the best way to meet their needs is to move in a straight line toward their goal. They are often driven, direct and unapologetic. They’re not afraid of competition and often thrive on it.
But because of their direct energy, cardinal signs are often blunt, insensitive to the needs of others and can be ruthless or unscrupulous when chasing what they want.

The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


Fixed signs possess fortitude and strength. They are reliable, grounded and given to deep reflection. Fixed signs are persistent, steady and possess great depth. Like the mountain, they have the ability to weather the storms of life and the steadiness to keep a strong sense of calm and self when everything around them is chaos.
However where you find stubbornness, resistance to change and over-opinion you will find fixed signs.

The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


Like a leaf on a river, Mutable signs are easy going and move around obstacles rather than take the head on. Mutable signs are changeable, adaptable and do not get bogged down in drama or conflict. They are the diplomats who look for middle ground rather than trying to fight or control everything around them.
Mutable signs however can also be unreliable, insincere and irresponsible. And sometimes – when you need them the most, they’ll leave you dead in the water.

The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Understanding sign modality goes a long way to understanding sign compatibility and can often be found at the root of why particular signs connect or clash.

This post is an excerpt from the course Astrology – An Introduction.

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2020: The Great Conjunction

Great Conjunction ~ Drift and Shift

Virology – the study or viruses, has a term called ‘drift and shift’ used to describe the way a virus, like the common flu, changes or mutates over time. More often than not, a virus is in a state of “drift” – a state of gradual change. We may not even notice a difference as we go on about our lives.
But every once in a while we see a “shift” – a big change in the way the virus behaves and in it’s ability to shake up the immune system. More people suddenly become ill than usual. The elderly and the physically weak are particularly vulnerable during a shift phase. We begin to see hospitalization – even deaths. When the shift is radical enough we have a pandemic – a shift that affects the planet.

The GC

The Great Conjunction in Astrology – a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, represents a shift. The planets go about their business as usual in a series of small shifts over time, but every twenty years the GC happens and things get shaken up. We see a shift in political values. What we consider to be socially important suddenly changes. Even art, fashion and entertainment undergo transformation as our view of our place in the world shifts.
The GC tends to stick within a particular element for some 200 years. The fifteenth to seventeenth centuries saw the GC occur in water signs, moving to fire signs until the early nineteenth century. For the last two centuries the great conjunction has happened in earth signs and we’ve seen a definite rise in material values. But this particular GC is in Aquarius – an air sign. The last time we saw a GC in Aquarius was during the renaissance in 1405. Many astrologers are expecting change.
And not the tidy, convenient change that one may see in earth. We’re talking about revolution and rebellion energy that sets a torch to old forms to bring in newer ways of thinking. And this particular GC is so close that you can cover both planets in the sky right now with your little finger if you stretch your hand out to arms length. It’s the closest it’s ever been since Copernicus was alive, or when the star of Bethlehem lit up the night sky in 7bc.

The Politics Of Change

The assassination of American presidents – from Harrison and Lincoln to Roosevelt and Kennedy, align directly with the Great Conjunction. Reagna survived a bullet and Bush a grenade. The storming of the capital earlier this year makes Joe Biden appear particularly vulnerable. Things have calmed down recently on the great wheel but the possibility of volatility rises again as the year progresses.
In late April Mercury, Venus and the Sun will move through conjunctions with Uranus and create squares with Saturn. Saturn and Uranus – stale old forms of power and rebellion, square off again in May June. The third quarter becomes a time of reflection and even inspiration as we process the changes that were thrust upon us but in the final months of 2020 there’s a hint at positive change and some form of resolution. It’s going to be an exciting year so don’t blink.

So That’s 2021

It took five days for 2021 to shift from the Fellini/ David Lynch collaboration of 2020 to a more Oliver Stone 2021 and by all reports we’re far from done. And no doubt you’ve been feeling shifts and changes within your own life as the Great Conjunction does it’s work. But as the saliva flows and the times leave us feeling that time somehow may be running out, remember to look too the sky. Look at that beautiful conjunction burning bright in the sky – a flame the world has not seen for some 600 years.
If that doesn’t convince you that you are exactly where you need to be right now then nothing will.