“Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream
Stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream
Make a bad one good, make a wrong right
Power of love will keep you home at night”

Huey Lewis And The News – The Power Of Love


The goddess Venus in Mythology is a paradox. Often depicted as lazy and indulgent she seems a slave to pleasure, yet when properly motivated she is a force to be reckoned with and in Virgil’s book the Aeneid her ability to wield love and mold perception leads to the besting of the Goddess Hera and the founding of Rome. And this paradox describes the heart perfectly. Filled with hope and easily pleased, the heart can satisfy itself with whatever low hanging fruit life may offer.

But a motivated heart can be a hunter, a warrior and a monster – for others and for the person carrying it. It can be hopelessly naive and inscrutably wise and in many respects Venus can seem similar to the Moon in the way it expresses itself. But the difference is that while the Moon may not discriminate, the Goddess Venus concerns herself only with love.

The moon talks about our own feelings when we look at relationship Astrology while Venus is how we build bridges and connect with a love interest or partner. It encompasses our ideas and values surrounding love and paints a picture of how we believe other people fit into our lives romantically. How we give love and how we expect love to work, Venus – based on the sign and house it’s in will tell us everything we need to know – for us – and for our partners.


Venus in a fire sign is unafraid to hunt for or express love. They thrive on public displays of attention and they enjoy the feedback they see in the eyes of those watching. Venus in a fire sign is warm, expansive and seems big and even dramatic at times. Power can also be an element for a Fire Venus – whether it’s the power to win, the power to control or the power to do what they want. But songs that speak of the power or the glory of love are talking about Fire love, as well as the lyrics “once burned, twice shy”.

The physical pleasures are the domain of an earth Venus and physical expressions of love are her tools. They are slower to love and the machine of an earth Venus may take more work to start – but once it comes to life it steadily picks up power and speed. The love of good food, of lingering touch, of slow but indulgent sex and gifts of a practical or indulgent nature are how an earth Venus will show you love and they show their interest with their eyes and their fingers. Whether it’s chocolate cake or folded laundry, you’ll always be surrounded by the evidence of earth love.

Intelligent, articulate and engaging – air Venus seems to be made out of electricity. They’re also often aloof so getting their attention – and keeping it, is half the battle. There’s a relaxation in the way they love and sometimes it’s difficult to tell when the borders shift from love to friendship – so much so that it can make you wonder if there’s something wrong with the way you love them and not the other way around. If you need constant demonstrations of affection and proof of love then an air Venus is definitely not for you.

Subtle, incredibly receptive and so finely tuned to your every breath and emotion, the love of a water Venus can be so intimate and refined that it can be dizzying. Love is expressed with a sensitivity and connections happen on a deep and very personal level and as such, trust is often very important to a water Venus. So much is given of themselves in the act of love and they expect an equal measure in return. Betrayal and harsh words or actions can be devastating and as such they can be demanding and frequently need proof of love.

This post is an excerpt from the course Synastry – An Introduction To Relationship Astrology


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Modality In Astrology

Modality In Astrology describes the way the energy of a sign moves.

By understanding a sign’s modality you get a clear picture on how a sign will express itself, how they will chase their goals or dreams, how they will interact with others and how they will meet challenges and obstacles as they move through life.

There are three modalities in astrology and every element will have a sign that responds to the energy of each modality.


Cardinal signs take life head on. They often know what they want and believe the best way to meet their needs is to move in a straight line toward their goal. They are often driven, direct and unapologetic. They’re not afraid of competition and often thrive on it.
But because of their direct energy, cardinal signs are often blunt, insensitive to the needs of others and can be ruthless or unscrupulous when chasing what they want.

The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


Fixed signs possess fortitude and strength. They are reliable, grounded and given to deep reflection. Fixed signs are persistent, steady and possess great depth. Like the mountain, they have the ability to weather the storms of life and the steadiness to keep a strong sense of calm and self when everything around them is chaos.
However where you find stubbornness, resistance to change and over-opinion you will find fixed signs.

The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


Like a leaf on a river, Mutable signs are easy going and move around obstacles rather than take the head on. Mutable signs are changeable, adaptable and do not get bogged down in drama or conflict. They are the diplomats who look for middle ground rather than trying to fight or control everything around them.
Mutable signs however can also be unreliable, insincere and irresponsible. And sometimes – when you need them the most, they’ll leave you dead in the water.

The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Understanding sign modality goes a long way to understanding sign compatibility and can often be found at the root of why particular signs connect or clash.

This post is an excerpt from the course Astrology – An Introduction.

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