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Black Moon Lilith – High Octane Diva Fuel

Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith in Astrology is the dark side of the moon and a calculated point on the chart

To the Babylonians she is Lilu – the night terror. To the Hebrews, Lilith is the mother of demons. She is also the first wife of Adam who refused to be obedient to God’s will and to her husband. She left the garden of Eden and despite their best efforts, three of God’s angels could not convince her to return and although what she did next varies depending on who you ask, all agree it was not beneficial for humanity.

While the outrage of her refusal to be subservient makes sense in a biblical age, times have actually changed. How we experience, work with or even channel the energy of Black Moon Lilith in the chart can be subjective based on our desires, our goals, and the values we’ve been raised with.

Children raised in conservative or religious households often either struggle with or embrace Lilith energy.

Shame, repression, ridicule and isolation – guilty pleasures and the unnatural ways we purge ourselves. Those emotions that cause us the greatest pain and those parts of ourselves we hide from the rest of the world. Those sins we were raised to shun, those acts that bring shame upon a family. This is Black Moon Lilith.

She might remind us of those times we tried to stand out from the crowd or live our own truth, only to create suffering and pain for ourselves or others around us. She smothers signs, and makes us afraid or ashamed to express their energy. She rubs our noses in the pain we felt when we tried to take those energies on.

However, Black Moon Lilith can also be a powerful ally. When we learn to shake off the opinions of others, to act in the way that makes the greatest sense for us or in a fashion that gets you what you want – that “my will not thine” mantra of the satanic bible – then she is a liberator. She is high octane diva fuel. She understands that when people are talking about you you’re current. That any press is good press. But she also shakes off the tools of conservatism and has the strength to resist the shaming and the threats to be the best or the most she can be. The gutter-press are her hounds and the gossips are her marketing team.

Black Moon Lilith is not necessarily the experience so much as the emotion triggered after the fact. She’s an internal boundary brought on by the judgement of others. Their cruelty, their laughter, their disgust or their pity – we think of their eyes on us or relive their words and the pain comes flooding back. Or even the fear of their judgement for those hidden, shameful parts of yourself you keep away from prying eyes. Your strange sexual fetish. Your weird phobia or your addiction.

It’s easier to accept her boundaries and be discreet and it’s dangerous to play with her fire. However you experience Lilith is up to you but just remember – like the Lilith of the ancient world – she doesn’t care what you think or how she makes you feel. She’s one of the points of the zodiac you do not own and any negative emotions she creates are yours alone to struggle with. Aligning with her will make you a pariah but if you’re willing to go all the way she guarantees absolute freedom and the spoils that only the truly shameless get to enjoy.

It’s up to you – whatever.

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