Saturn & Karma In Esoteric Astrology

Saturn & Karma

Saturn in astrology rules karma, and karma is probably one of the most talked about of the spiritual devices.

Even the most cynical and agnostic people will flip this word out with the ease of a contact-less payment. And although it has degrees of nuance the essential gist of the word is spiritual payback. Specifically, it’s a landmine of cold justice for bad people. There’s comfort for those of us who are hurt by others – others who seem to be able to ride rough shod over our lives without a smidge of accountability or remorse.

Sometimes the word is applied to groups of people. I’ve heard the word karma used to describe people with different views on vaccinations, or on differing sides of human rights matters or even companies who’s shares take a sudden nosedive.

Saturn & Dharma

It’s impossible to understand the word Karma in it’s true original context without understanding the concept of Dharma – and there’s no direct translation into English for this word. Essentially it breaks down to a set of divine laws that all must adhere to during their time on this earth. It acknowledges that the suffering we are born into or experience may be predetermined or earned.

It also states that how we carry ourselves with whatever injuries or afflictions we may experience are as important – if not more so, than why they happened or who caused them. Life itself is a force majeur – an act of God or more accurately an expression of the will of God. Life on this Earth is a river and we are all set adrift. Where we find ourselves in the river is based entirely on who we are and what we do – not because of what others do to us. In this lifetime and in lifetimes before.

The theosophists describe Dharma as the “inner nature of a thing at any given stage of evolution, and the law of the next stage of its unfolding”. Again this hints at a river – a flow that is heading in a particular direction. The personality will fight the river while the soul will follow it because the soul knows where the river leads. Annie Besant said that the key is knowing the stage of your growth and knowing the laws that will allow you to grow further. This principle is the beating heart of Esoteric Astrology.

And on the chart, the trials of karma are ruled by Saturn. Karma forces correction and insists that all debts are paid and in this particular town Saturn is the law. However Karma is like the interest free period on a credit card – the reality of what you’ve been spending doesn’t truly kick in until you reach the 30 day mark. Young souls that lack soul awareness accumulate karma but are still well within the interest free period. They’re free to spend up large and to push that plastic as far as it can go.

But as they reincarnate the only thing they carry into each life is accumulated debt. And as they become soul conscious – as the mind, body and emotions become developed they find themselves starting to incarnate into lives where their credit is lower and their debt is higher. They find themselves born into bodies or minds with illness. They find themselves in the periphery of people who turn them into victims. They struggle with addictions and have personality flaws which poison the way they look at life or relationships with others.

In Esoteric astrology the Moon tells us about past lives, but Saturn reads like a list of our most recent transactions on the divine credit card statement of Karma. It’s notice must be paid to avoid legal action in this lifetime and failure to do so – swimming against current – has consequences. You accumulate more interest and often you find that the problems in your life – as complex and diverse as they first appeared, are in fact the same problems hitting you with more force and more intensity.

A recurring period where you’re brought to account for the same spending history but with more interest accumulated. You find yourself left with less room to breathe. Less people who love you. Less security and less opportunities until you at least make the minimum payment.

Saturn on your chart will tell you where you can make your payment based on the house and sign it’s in. You’ll get an idea of how big that payment’s going to be based on the aspects it creates on the chart – and these aspects will also tell you where you’re going to feel the squeeze if you don’t make payment. And you may joke that you’ll probably never pay off your credit card in this life time but for esoteric astrology this is quite literally the case.

Luckily, we have Saturn – the lord of Karma, to keep a tally and to send us statements. Not just in this lifetime but in every lifetime until our debt is paid in full.

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

If you took advantage of the Jupiter Mercury conjunction on the 21st then you may begin to see results as soon as now.

With Mercury and Neptune becoming conjunct, hidden treasures and hidden markets may have begun revealing themselves. Options you were unaware of or doors that have remained closed may begin opening for you as your voice reaches new places and new strategies start to manifest. Creative people may begin receiving renewed inspiration and words may start flowing as writing blocks give way.

If you’ve struggled to find your own authentic voice then the clarity of this conjunction may help you to re-frame your image and reposition your ideas. It may help you to inject that idealism and optimism into something that new eyes can really get behind.

Just be sure to reality check as you go. The easiest person to fool is often yourself despite the best of intentions and the shine of the new and the sheen of renewed belief in the importance of your cause can see you promising too much or seeing the ideal rather than the real.

Check your data twice – cut once.

Go Viral Or Go Home

Go viral as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces today.

If posting, podcasting, broadcasting, blogging, vlogging or copying and pasting is part of your strategy then your copy writing skills may feel especially on point today. Look for potential growth areas and write. If paid advertising is part of your marketing plan then shake up that existing ad and connect with the creative flow.

If you’ve thought about opening up new markets or starting a new campaign then this is also the time as your potential reach is at a peak. It’s particularly auspicious energy for artists, musicians and other creators.

Whether it’s public speaking, video or phone marketing, training, teaching or sales the air is thick with growth opportunities that can be tapped into with the written word or the human voice.

Don’t be slow off the mark – other aspects are on the way that will allow you to fortify results.

Happy Astrological New Year!

Happy astrological new year

With the Spring Equinox in the North and the Autumn Equinox in the South the Sun enters the sign of Aries today.

And lately, completing any year feels like a win.

Whatever funk you may have found yourself in, whatever injuries you may have sustained in this last gritty, grind-centric rotation of the zodiacal wheel it’s time to move forward again so reboot with the fearless fervor and the unbridled energy of a four year old wearing a batman t-shirt.

Happy astrological new year – do something to celebrate today!

You Are Beautiful (No Matter What You Say)

you are beautiful

With the abundance of potentially prosperous energy in the air this month it’s easy to lose sight of those neglected parts of ourselves. Our blind spots. Those parts of ourselves where we invest enthusiasm but lack motivation. Those projects and ambitions driven by faith alone.

The Sun conjuncts Neptune today in Pisces – strengthening intuition but also casting light on those goals that have been driven by feeling and self-belief as we wait for clearer signals and solid information. That time is now. Also revealed is the level of power and belief we invest in ourselves – how much we believe in who we are. Paired with the soft energy of Pisces, this might be a beautiful time for those who struggle to be kind to themselves.

If you’ve struggled to accept your imperfections then take this opportunity to find something beautiful in yourself today because no matter how much you may have tried to hide it – your inner beauty will rise to the surface today.


Dream Big Today


The Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces today – a placement considered one of the most fortunate in Astrology.

Warmth, light, personality and will magnified by the planet of growth and optimism – whatever planted in the new moon will not only grow – it will grow in abundance so again – don’t dream small. Dream big if you’re going to dream at all.

The generosity and compassionate energy of Pisces and the ability to manifest and ground the abstract mean you’re wielding and weaving with pure creative energy so don’t let all of this potential to manifest slip through your fingers.

Today’s a great day to destroy something you love

Today's a great day to destroy something you love

Today’s a great day to destroy something you love as the conjunction of Mars and Venus which has been making hits since the middle of last year takes a darker turn.

Venus – what we want – Mars – how we chase what we want now includes Pluto – the lengths we’re willing to go to.

Lessons in love and passion now include demonstrations of power. Crimes of passion. The use of force to assume control. Relationship rage-quitting and damaged delivered that’s so devastating there’s no road back.

So if things are already strained you need to tread lightly. And bear in mind that exercises in power may not be the lessons you initiate or control.

The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts – Albert Einstein

Today is abundant with manifesting energy. The new Moon in Pisces conjuncts Jupiter and opens up limitless possibilities. This is literally a ‘dream big’ placement promising exponential growth and abundant opportunity so don’t think small.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of manifesting – of turning energy into dreams then today is the day you need to begin.

Saturn also conjuncts Mercury in it’s domicile sign Aquarius. Hard work and time invested up til now has the potential to pay off early. Networks, friends and organizations or groups have the potential to give wings to the work you may have been performing behind the scenes so call in favours, get involved and reach out. Talk about your plans and win people over with your willingness to put in the hard yards.

The Ascendant – Your Future Self

the ascendant
The ascendant – some describe it as the mask you wear and in a modern context a mask a disguise to hide or act as a proxy to the other big two. But in the ancient world the mask was so much more.
In religious ceremonies it bestowed the authority of the Gods or ancestors on those authorized to wield their power. In societies it was a burden taken on to punish those who broke the laws of their tribe or society. In this context, the Ascendant represents additional power granted to each of us from a higher power.
If we take a more spiritual view of what the Ascendant may represent on our charts then it is an agent of becoming – of evolving past the personality needs of your Sun and the emotional comfort sought by your Moon. It’s an emissary from a future life – sent back in time to make contact and to help you prepare for a future self.
And when you look at the Ascendant this way – what is your ascendant telling you?



2021 – Year Of The Retrograde

Retrograde – Mercury keeps doing it this year and there’s been this constant buzz about of the almost apocalyptic ramifications of this for anyone preparing to send a text or open their mouths to speak on the afflicted days. For some it’s become a convenient post to hang their personal shortcomings or transgressions on. Sorry babe for the hour of silent treatment I gave you on the subway – my Mercury is retrograde. Sorry my text was so hurtful – MMWR.
Retrograde is a phenomenon where a planet appears to be rotating backwards and it has everything to do with it’s orbital position from the Earth. So clearly the Earth and luminaries – the Sun and Moon – don’t ever go retrograde. And simply put, planets in retrograde tend so be stifled somewhat. The energy they normally express is unable to fully exert itself and in some scenarios this can actually be a blessing. A retrograde Uranus can mean less unexpected surprises in the life and a retrograde Mars on the chart might release some of the potential aggression it could cause based on an aspect or placement.
In many astrology circles, personal planets in retrograde tend to be more important – especially in natal astrology as personal planets tend to become closer to us than the Sun when in retrograde. The effect of transformational planets is more generational but even then it doesn’t mean that your transformational retrograde won’t affect you on a more personal level.
Retrograde personal planets on the natal chart can signal people with their own subjective view on the world as the way they express themselves is fundamentally different to the mainstream. Communication may seem more awkward. They may their own ideas of how love express. Their survival instincts or ego may seem weaker compared to the norm. But, as human beings, we’re hardwired to accommodate our weaknesses by creating strengths elsewhere and this can manifest as a direct aspect to the retrograde planet or the influence of another planet in the sign the retrograde planet rules.
Do you have a retrograde (RX) planet on your natal chart? Or on the chart of a child as this is often important information for a parent. A personal planet? If so, how would you say it expresses – or doesn’t express if this is the case and have you found ways to circumvent this energy elsewhere on your chart?