Sun In Gemini

Sun In Gemini : The unrepentant Gemini personality responds to the note, “Let instability do its work,” by clothing itself with a layer of unstable mental essence. It is dual-natured, sometimes it seems that two entities live in the same body, both of whom want to have different experiences.
Lacking integration, the ego is too fluid and changeable. Drifting with the ebb and flow of life it is easily distracted, tricky and plays games.
Gradually the mind steadies, enabling the personality to coordinate its efforts until finally the clever, integrated and self-interested personality emerges. The appearance of the personality marks the completion of the first major stage in evolutionary development.
Soul purification of the personality via Venus. The transforming formula is, “I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.” A lighted, self-aware consciousness is required, which expresses intelligent love.
To achieve this, the mind must be lifted into the aura and wisdom of the soul. Then from that elevated level, the ego is observed and corrected. This will beautify consciousness, causing it to glow and grow.
To assist, Venus brings the personality under the influence of the orange ray of “concrete mind and science.” This emphasises the importance of mind development practices such as Raja Yoga. Intelligent love should be expressed to beautify all relationships, but especially in houses in which the Sun and Mercury are located.
Success in this work develops an intelligent, elegant and very eloquent Gemini personality for the soul to use. With enhanced communication skills and a spontaneous desire to serve, it is a very effective distributor of love and wisdom into the environment.
Spiritually illumined personality via The Earth. Advanced souls assume Gemini personalities, to communicate messages of wisdom that all people in the world can resonate to. President John Kennedy had this magic. There were many things he said that inspired people.
His statement, “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” continues to have a powerful impact on people.
Hodgson, Astrology of Spirit, Soul an Body, 108.
sun in gemini

Triangles Of Force Underlie Disease

The idea explored in my medical asttrology book, is that triangles of force underlie disease. This does not mean every triangle in the chart indicates a health problem. Grand Trines with beneficial energy flow assists vitality and good health. However, health breaks down at some stage in the life, even if right at the end of life.

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