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If you’ve completed my course “Modern Astrology – An Introduction To Astrology” and you’re eager to take on bigger things then Advanced Astrology was designed for you.

Let’s build on those foundations by strengthening your understanding of the chart with new interpretation devices and exciting new interpretation points. Get insight into different house systems like Placidus and Koch. Learn about asteroids and how to interpret them on the chart. Discover some of the points on the chart that provide opportunities for healing work.

Discover calculated points like the Part Of Fortune, White Moon Selena and Black Moon Lilith. This course introduces some of the concepts used in soul-centered astrology and allows you to take more of a personality-driven/humanistic approach to interpretive work.

Develop the knowledge and build the skills to explore your own chart on a deeper level and to be of greater service to clients.

You’ll need the following knowledge to comfortably complete this course:

  • An understanding of the mechanics of the natal chart

  • An understanding of signs – including elements and modality

  • An understanding of houses – what each house rules and how the energy of houses is affected by a ruling sign

  • An understanding of planets, including an understanding of rulership and planetary dignity

  • All major aspects – the Conjunction, Trine, Sextile, Opposition and Square

  • The big three – what they are and why they matter

  • Interpretive ability and experience – bringing all of these elements together to read a natal chart with the ability to look for specific content such as career, love, etc.

    You’ve got the foundations you need to attend and complete this course if you’ve completed “An Introduction To Astrology”. Now – are you ready to build?

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Advanced Astrology builds directly onto the course “An Introduction To Natal Astrology” and will expand your practical and theoretical knowledge of western astrology.

This course includes 19 high definition video lectures and an online exam to test your knowledge. You will receive a certificate for completing this course that you can download and print. Completing this course will also unlock a special offer for other courses on the Modern Astrology course roster.

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Advanced Astrology expands significantly on the foundation course “An Introduction To Astrology”, and introduces hemispheres/quadrants, asteroids, calculated points, house systems, decanates and more.

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