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2020: The Great Conjunction

Great Conjunction ~ Drift and Shift

Virology – the study or viruses, has a term called ‘drift and shift’ used to describe the way a virus, like the common flu, changes or mutates over time. More often than not, a virus is in a state of “drift” – a state of gradual change. We may not even notice a difference as we go on about our lives.
But every once in a while we see a “shift” – a big change in the way the virus behaves and in it’s ability to shake up the immune system. More people suddenly become ill than usual. The elderly and the physically weak are particularly vulnerable during a shift phase. We begin to see hospitalization – even deaths. When the shift is radical enough we have a pandemic – a shift that affects the planet.

The GC

The Great Conjunction in Astrology – a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, represents a shift. The planets go about their business as usual in a series of small shifts over time, but every twenty years the GC happens and things get shaken up. We see a shift in political values. What we consider to be socially important suddenly changes. Even art, fashion and entertainment undergo transformation as our view of our place in the world shifts.
The GC tends to stick within a particular element for some 200 years. The fifteenth to seventeenth centuries saw the GC occur in water signs, moving to fire signs until the early nineteenth century. For the last two centuries the great conjunction has happened in earth signs and we’ve seen a definite rise in material values. But this particular GC is in Aquarius – an air sign. The last time we saw a GC in Aquarius was during the renaissance in 1405. Many astrologers are expecting change.
And not the tidy, convenient change that one may see in earth. We’re talking about revolution and rebellion energy that sets a torch to old forms to bring in newer ways of thinking. And this particular GC is so close that you can cover both planets in the sky right now with your little finger if you stretch your hand out to arms length. It’s the closest it’s ever been since Copernicus was alive, or when the star of Bethlehem lit up the night sky in 7bc.

The Politics Of Change

The assassination of American presidents – from Harrison and Lincoln to Roosevelt and Kennedy, align directly with the Great Conjunction. Reagna survived a bullet and Bush a grenade. The storming of the capital earlier this year makes Joe Biden appear particularly vulnerable. Things have calmed down recently on the great wheel but the possibility of volatility rises again as the year progresses.
In late April Mercury, Venus and the Sun will move through conjunctions with Uranus and create squares with Saturn. Saturn and Uranus – stale old forms of power and rebellion, square off again in May June. The third quarter becomes a time of reflection and even inspiration as we process the changes that were thrust upon us but in the final months of 2020 there’s a hint at positive change and some form of resolution. It’s going to be an exciting year so don’t blink.

So That’s 2021

It took five days for 2021 to shift from the Fellini/ David Lynch collaboration of 2020 to a more Oliver Stone 2021 and by all reports we’re far from done. And no doubt you’ve been feeling shifts and changes within your own life as the Great Conjunction does it’s work. But as the saliva flows and the times leave us feeling that time somehow may be running out, remember to look too the sky. Look at that beautiful conjunction burning bright in the sky – a flame the world has not seen for some 600 years.
If that doesn’t convince you that you are exactly where you need to be right now then nothing will.

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